Elderly Client Services

We have considerable experience and extensive knowledge in the legal issues that surround later life. Our advice comes with a comprehensive awareness of the sensitivity of such matters and is always handled with compassion and understanding.

Let Autumn Years Law provide you with legal help and practical advice on these issues be it:

  • Advising upon and creating powers of attorney that are appropriate to your circumstances; court of protection applications; living Wills and other long term care plans
  • Making a Will to leave your estate to the people who you want
  • Ensuring that you are receiving all of the financial and social care benefits and assessments that you are entitled to receive
  • Helping vulnerable individuals with safeguarding and/or capacity issues
  • The legal maze of care home fee funding
  • Business succession planning

Going into Care

Making the decision to go into residential care and choosing a care home is for many people a delicate and difficult decision.  Sometimes the decision is made in a crisis situation, as you may be medically fit for discharge from hospital but not well enough to go home.  Care home funding rules are complex and bewildering and difficult for either you or your family to digest, especially whilst you need to concentrate on getting better. Different entitlement rules apply to NHS-funded nursing care, NHS continuing healthcare, means testing for residential care and entitlement to deferred funding or property disregard arrangements. At Autumn Years Law we can assist you in understanding the funding rules and other very important considerations when faced with such a life change.

Family Care Payments

If a family member has given up work to help care for you and you are assisting them financially it is important that the legal ramifications are considered. Often these situations evolve through love and affection and there is usually no formal agreement in place. However, there is a risk that such payments are viewed with suspicion by other family members or perhaps by social services in the event that you require further assistance which your family are unable to provide. If this situation fits your circumstances it is important to get legal advice to consider what you can do to protect both you and your family member.